Kids Capoeira Belts


Kids Graduation Belts:

Please use the drop down to tell us when you can make it and to select your kids next belt. If 10th July doesn’t work for you then you can come on the 09th July.

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My child has not done a graduation before. How does it work?

Kids get prepared in class step by step, explaining how the graduation will work & build up their confidence by their capoeira teacher.  For each level there is a structure of knowledge needed that they practice & achieve in class. The idea is for the children to enjoy and show to their family & friends the hard work they done during the year by receiving a belt. 

On the day. Kids will be divided in belt levels & have  a workshop with a Teacher. The kids will play in the Roda (circle) with their friends before playing a game with a Advance teacher. 

Can I Bring my family & friends to watch?

Yes family & friends is welcome to join.

What is the order of the Belt system?

1st belt White & Green

2nd belt White & Yellow

3rd belt White & Orange

4th belt White & Blue

5th belt Purple & Green

6th belt  Purple & Yellow

7th belt Purple & Orange

8th belt     Purple & Blue

9th belt Light Green & Green  

Can I buy the belt if we cannot make the graduation or can my child receive it in a normal class? 

Unfortunately not, we create this event once a year and really hope you can make it. 

What happen if my child is sick on the day or cannot make it due to prior commitments?

Please contact Pink, club coordinator via

What if I cannot make it on the 10th July? 

Please use the dropdown for event date to tell us which date you can make. If 10th July doesn’t work for you then you can come on the 09th July.


Additional information

Event Date

09th July, 10th July

Graduation Belts

1- White Green, 2- White Yellow, 3- White Orange, 4- White Blue, 5- Purple Green, 6- Purple Yellow, 7- Purple Orange, 8- Purple Blue, 9- Light Green / Green